Table Topics Chit Chat 41 #81-82


  1. If you had to move what would you miss most about your home?
  2. What would you wear if you didn’t worry about what people think?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

  1. My current apartment? It’s proximity to the store (I don’t like it much). And I don’t know what I miss most about my parent’s house.
  2. The same things I wear now because I only dress practically.

Speak Your Mind 141 #701-705


1. When you get out of high school, do you think it would be nice to work a second shift?

2. What color do you think goes best with orange?

3. Do you like hot dogs?

4. Do you own a pair of roller skates?

5. Are there any colors that you think are OK for men to wear but you would not wear (if you were a guy)?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I haven’t worked shifts since I got out, but I’d be up for it at least a few times just to get more money.

2. Being an artist, I’d have to say blue.

3. Yes, I really like hot dogs.

4. Not anymore.

5. Men can wear any color, I wear pink and purple, but I probably would’t wear a light green or a bright pink or orange.