Different Sameness

So I have been working, and I wasn’t. What was I doing instead? Playing a game. On my phone in this case, but it was a deep phone game. Anyway it got me thinking about some things. Like why I wasn’t working, that was a problem. What made playing this game better than working for me?  And when I say work I don’t mean boring office job: I actually enjoy doing my work. I don’t know why some games just grab me and make me an unproductive zombie. Good thing I’m me and can turn it around into a blog post, right? (Didn’t think so)

Anyway, I was thinking about why some things make me distracted and it occurred to me that it may be a different kind of mental stimulus, like my brain needs to focus on something different so I play a game. But then I was wondering why some people who have boring jobs chose to play boring, simple phone games, like Fruit Ninja or something like that? After thinking about that for a while what I’ve come to believe is that we as humans want something different, but not too different. I play games that involve lots of strategy and planning, which is similar to what I do, but different enough to be interesting. I think it’s fascinating how things like this work in my head. Like I want something that is the same, but will make me think the same is not boring.

I guess that’s the way we do everything. It’s the reason we don’t like change or end up branching out too much in life. We specialize in what we enjoy, or learn to “enjoy” (Read: tolerate) what we do. And we don’t want to do something different, but we get bored, so we yearn for something else. And something very similar is still something else.

At least this is my theory for the time being. I’m sure it will evolve with time, but now that’s what I’m thinking.  If you have any ideas similar or contrary I’d like to hear them. I could just be completely wrong.

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