Book Review – Damn You Autocorrect by Jillian Madison

I guess you could say I “read” Damn You Autocorrect, even though the book is mostly photos. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just the nature of taking photos of phone conversations. I’d consider the book a picture book, but it does require reading. With that out of the way, Damn You Autocorrect is a book filled with peoples’ phones changing the words they were intending to type into a funny misunderstanding or the like. I read a lot of these things online and quite enjoy them there.  I also like to read books, so the book version was quite welcome.

damn you autocorrect

I won’t say it was an amazing read. It’s what one would expect.  If you like reading autocorrect fails on the internet, this is the same thing in book form, some of which you might have already seen, some you might not have. In the book there is no (bad) swearing.  As that kind of censoring isn’t possible on the internet, I still wouldn’t give it to a kid or even some teens. But it isn’t the swear-fest the same kind of thing is online, which could be good or bad. I found it no less funny.

The chapters are roughly categorized, though they aren’t very different from one another. The screen-caps are all easily visible and in the correct proportions. Full names are omitted, which is always a good thing in these situations. It’s well put together in what seems to be an attempt at justifying it being a physical book. But hey, I bought it, so no need to justify to me. One little snag is it’s all in black and white. I’m guessing this is to keep the cost down since you are just paying for a collection of screen captures.  I can’t fault this, but the online viewing experience is better.

Overall, I like the book, and I’m glad I purchased it. Would I purchase it for full retail price? Maybe, if I had the money to buy more than a few books at full price. Is it worth it? Not really, in my opinion, but I can look at them when the internet isn’t available, I have a reference at least, and I got some laughs I wouldn’t have gotten before. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s far from a necessary

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