Blog 5-12-12 Updates

Well, here’s the updates for the last FOUR weeks. Man I’m lazy. And this tower of numbers almost makes my eyes hurt. Maybe I should change my system . . . nah.


Spiffy 4647484950515253545556, and 57

One Off Beat 161718, and 19

Stickies 19202122232425, and 26

Stamped 101112, and 13

All life, no lemons 789, and 10


Man Vs. Test


Turning prediction – a card trick

Bamboo Backgammon review


Meme Random – A new Blog, it’s like meme a day, but random. Not much is posted there now, but hopefully more will be coming ‘


So thats what I have for the last four weeks, hope you enjoyed looking. I’ve already got several video and article ideas ready and some other stuff too. It should be posted shortly now that the only part of the year that required any time is over.

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