Blog 11-9-13 – Site Changes

Today, deleted my account. They didn’t do it without warning. I was told they would be deleting it a month ago, and at that time they also froze most of my services with them. They also gave me an opportunity to download all of my original master videos from their servers, which I did, except for 4 which were apparently lost in the aether. That doesn’t matter, though, because I still have all of the master copies of my videos.

Now it does suck to lose my Blip views, and statistics (which were much more helpful than Youtube’s) but I do understand it. I really wasn’t following their new (I assume as I don’t remember hearing them before) guidelines. I am slightly upset, but I would be much more upset if, say, Youtube did the same thing to me, as Youtube is advertised as a service for anyone, even though some aspects of it are moving toward monetizing content, it still gets its core from the everyday user.

So I don’t hate Blip, but be warned if you sign up, they do delete accounts that aren’t “shows” and they can lose master video files.

Anyway, as a consequence of this, all the videos on my site are now from Youtube. And I will be going through the process of putting ads on some of the lengthier ones, just as a warning.

I’m also looking into putting ads on this site and, because I have to make money somehow. So that’s happening, and it may take a long or a short time.

And finally, I know I haven’t been posting weekly articles or blogs like I used to, this is because I have run out of ideas and have so much work to do that I can’t think of new ones. So that feature will be indefinitely delayed. It may or may not come back when I’m not as busy.

But what am I busy on? You ask. I have a new comic book and several new comic collections coming in the month, and I’ll be showing previews very soon, so stay tuned.


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