RPG LTE: Swords & Sorcery Beta Release

I have written a small Role-Playing Game. RPG LTE: Swords & Sorcery is a light, 5-page (for basic rules), easy-to-learn, and hopefully very intuitive fantasy Role-Playing Game. I’ve made a few posts already about how and why I ended up writing this game, so this post is simply the “official” beta release. The game is fully playable and working, but not every aspect has been extensively tested. Certainly any feedback would be appreciated, and updates will be forthcoming.

Core Rules (Beta) (PDF)

Game Mastering (Beta) (PDF)

Monsters (Pre-Made and Made) (Beta) (PDF)

Character Sheet (Beta) (PDF)

I hope anyone taking a look enjoys the game, and if all goes well the system can be adapted into more themes and genres as time progresses to allow it to be enjoyed in as many ways as possible.


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