Prey Book Review

Hello this is rapter7717with one of the best book Ive read recently prey by Micheal Crichton



It’s a hot day inthe middle of the Nevada desert 8 people sit in the xymos Lab afraid to go outrabbits scurry across the hot desert sand a buzzing sounds in The distancegetting closer rapidly a lone rabbit attempts to run. From the brush a Swarm ofblack dots rise the buzzing grows louder and the rabbit is engulfed by Theswarm all is still for a few seconds and the swarm lifts up from the rabbit’sbody To hunt.


The story follows and is narrated by jack Forman a formerprogram manager who was working on distributed multi-agent systems and wasfired for attempting to expose a company scandal. Mae Chang a field biologistthat is part of the xymos consulting team and Ricky Morse one of jacks friendsthat works for xymos and is heading part of the project


The military hasemployed zymos a technology company to create swarm of nano robots forreconnaissance purposes the robots are constructed on existing nano organisms.However after an accident in ventilation several swarms of the robots andmanufactures have escaped into the wild, have developed rudimentaryintelligence and are evolving rapidly. Jack Forman is called in as the leaderof the team that devolved the program the robots are running on the rest ofthis team is also called in and they must stop them before they run out of foodin the Nevadadesert.

Plot Resolution

After losing several members of the team they find outwhere the swarms are jack and mae use a helicopter to block the swarms fromflying out and use thermite bombs to incinerate them when they arrive back atthe lab they find out that the others in the lab have been infected by anotherversion of the swarm that evolved simultaneously and takes over its human hostsmae and jack are able to produce a type of bacteria phage that will kill thebacteria the nano bots are built on which prevents them from getting infectedand will kill the other infected soon after they are able to escape in thehelicopter. Jack returns home and gives his children the phage to prevent themfrom getting infected.


In conclusion thisbook is written superbly and the plot and characters are interesting and welldefined and its warning about advancements in technology can truly never beoutdated.

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