Moving Etc…

Moving but I can’t believe it.

That was the title of this article two weeks ago, when I tried to write it when I was moving. For the record, this a bad idea. A good idea is to have things planned ahead of time and don’t try to do work when you’re moving. Anyway, obviously I didn’t get it done. I barely got anything done that week, or the week after. And now I’m here and still barely getting anything done.

Part of that is shock. Three weeks ago, when I was visiting Austin, I was very confident in my ability to fail at getting an apartment. But I didn’t fail. And the shock of actually getting a place at a “decent” price so near school time was just too much for my brain to handle. I spent the next week not planning for the move at all because I still couldn’t believe it was happening. (My mother would like me to mention how much she helped, and it was quite a lot)

I have only moved this once in my life, and it was difficult, as I couldn’t do what my brother and most people my age have done and simply take a few things and go. I have enough responsibilities in my website and comics that I had to take all of the things necessary to continue those, but they wouldn’t help enough to affect my life in any other way. In essence, I was taking my future, something that I’ve spent a lot of time working on and don’t want to waste, but something that is currently just a drag on my social and business life.

Not that I don’t drag that down anyway. I barely went outside the first few days, probably because I don’t have any money and going out usually requires money, because that’s what it takes to do things.

At this point I should have already posted a Blog post about my move being the reason all of the things are late this week (at least I got all but one released on the right day). So, as with many of my articles, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here. I’m just overwhelmed, I feel like I’ve learned and re-learned so many things and I just don’t know how to organize my thoughts.

My routine has already been shattered, and will need quite a bit of time to fix, I reckon. Things will be late, things will be not done, new ideas will pop into my head. I just have to keep moving, which, as tired as I am right now, seems very difficult.
So yeah, I’ve moved and I can’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense to me, but a lot of things don’t make sense right now. I think I’ll have to make do, and it should all work out.

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