2 thoughts on “Mildly Relevant Reviews – “Best Lock Part 2” Kid Connection Tank and Army Patrol Set “Fake Lego”

  1. Howdy, Dragon! Haha. THANK YOU for reviewing these blocks! The unmarked blocks I got from a thrift store turned out to be (after MUCH searching) the Kid Connection blocks! Do you have the building instructions for this set? There also seems to be an aircraft of some sort and something resembling a structure. Any idea about those? My email is _____________________. THANKS AGAIN! Btw, Im in Texas too! WHOOT for Texas! Haha.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Unfortunately I don’t have the instructions easily at hand, nor any idea what the other sets might be. I hope your quest to find them goes well.

      (Email edited out by me)

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