EDC (Everyday Carry) Part 5 – Bits and Bobs

While I have been making this EDC series of blog posts and videos, it usually only occurred to me to put in things that I carry a majority of the time. For me, while other people carry iPods or notebooks, or candy or something else to eat, I like to just keep things down to the basics. I usually find the places I’m going to be more engaging than whatever I bring with me. iPods and iPhones might be great for listening to music and watching videos, but for me they are temporary distractions. Even on long car trips when I’m alone in the back I prefer to shout up front than sit and listen to music. That’s not to say I don’t carry them. But they are far from the things I would like to have with me at all times. It can also be noted that I carry card games in my EDC backpack. I find these more useful than a music player or such. If I’m by myself I usually have a notebook I can doodle in, but if I’m with other people and perhaps we’re bored, everyone knows at least a few card games.

Still, it was certainly an oversight to not include some of the items that are quite important to me in the last articles, but I usually pick and choose which I carry at what time, varying wildly on the situation. Here are a few of the items I carry sometimes that I really like having when I need/want them.

• Phone Charger (many people seem to carry a charging cable, and backup battery. I find that even with heavy use, my old iPhone 4s can easily get through several days without being charged, and my small phone even longer). So I only carry around a cable when I’m on trips, but when I am, it’s always at hand.
• Fountain Pens (I love fountain pens, mainly for the writing experience they provide. They’re just fun for me to use. I have a couple of cases that hold 3 or 4 pens that I stick in my bag every once in a while when I’m going out for some time. It’s great to pull out a nice pen and write with it from time to time.)
• Notebooks (These go with pens for the most part. I carry around a small and large Moleskine book quite often to write my ideas down in, and I try to create one drawing a day. I also carry around more fountain-pen-friendly notebooks sometimes, like Rhodia, or Leuchtturm)
• Sketchbooks (These are rarer. Strathmore or Picadilly are what I usually go with. These are thicker and generally only for the days where I’ve already been drawing or am trying specifically to create something new. They’re rare enough that I thought they needed their own category.)
• Pencils (A similar deal to the pens. Having a few pencils around is nice, as I prefer to write/draw with them to ballpoints. But if I forget them it’s no big deal)
• Flash drive (This used to be an occasional thing, though now I have a dedicated EDC flash drive. I have yet to use it. I’ve just never been in a situation where I’ve thought, “man I need a flash drive right now” or “Man I would have stored that info on an emergency flash drive”, but I suppose when I need it there’s no replacement)
• Altoids/gum/candies (these seem obvious to me, just for a bit of appetite suppression/ breath freshening/ though provoking. I like mint flavor and can eat what I want)
• iPod (This is something many people {not in the EDC crowd} carry around that I absolutely loathe. I have never once ever felt it appropriate to use an iPod in public. Perhaps on a plane or bus, but even then I haven’t. That’s just me. I’m not a fan of this as out-in-the-world technology. Despite that, I do carry it sometimes, especially on trips. Mine being the classic model it is quite large and often relegated to a secondary bag.
• Laptop and Accessories (This is one that a massive number of people have, and that I understand much more. Many people EDC a tablet of some kind, especially in an urban environment. I don’t own a tablet, nor do I want to, so that’s not an option for me. I’ve never really found places outside of my home a good place to work or browse on a laptop, but I suppose they work in a pinch. It’s never something that I want, but again, mainly on trips, I do sometimes carry around my laptop for general use.)

And that’s it. The last part of my EDC (the sometimes/maybe part). I hope you enjoyed reading this series if you have, and that you maybe got some ideas from it. It was fun to write, and I’ll likely be updating in the future with more recent developments. EDC always changes. Until then, I hope you have a good time.

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