Blog 12-22-15 – Stickies is Ending

Hello! I know that, for my comics, this year has really shaken things up. And while I hope to make up for multiple comics being put on hiatus next year, I can also say that I feel like the comics I have created since those comics were put on hiatus have been better than the ones I would have made if I had continued with my other projects at the time. Still, it’s not my favorite thing to do: to look at my projects and evaluate if they are working and where they are going. But we are nearing the end of the year, and now is around the time I start looking at that sort of thing. And I have another comic I’m currently not convinced I can continue to make ‘quality’ for an extended period of time, and that is Stickies.

I very much enjoy the comic, but at the moment it seems the characters’ journey is getting close to ending, and indeed the next 2 Stickies comics will be the last for some time. I can say I believe the ending is fitting the characters and their dignity.

I do believe that in the next year I will be able to make up for the loss of content that I have experienced over this year, but that stuff is not ready to be announced yet. Until then I hope you all enjoy the end of Stickies and all of the other content I put out.


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