The Communication Box was a teaching tool published in 1990 by the now defunct Peekan Publications. It was created by the founder of said company Ellen Mcpeek Glisan. I, this blogs writer, stumbled across it sometime in May, twenty-two years later. I decided that it would be a fun and insightful endeavor to answer all one-thousand questions in the communication box online. I may be joined by others from around me, and I invite anyone online who has one of these boxes (like there is anyone) or has read the questions to answer them and post them with me. I might even re-post some of the better ones (certainly they’re all better then mine).

But first, the Communication Box has some rules, laid down in the teachers manual, and to be enforced here (somewhat)

1. Single word answers are not acceptable.

2. Answers must be given in complete sentences.

3. “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer. (we’ll see how that works out)

4. No silly, unacceptable answers.

5. No Rude comments allowed.

6. No ridiculing other comments or opinions. (but this is the internet)

The rest are really unimportant to being posted on the internet, so I’m just going to leave in those six and get moving.

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